Saturday, 18 June 2016

Marcus and Lacy Have Broken Up

Remember Marcus and Lacy? The couple met on the first season of Bachelor in Paradise 2014. A year later, they had a marriage ceremony on the second season.

Remember that happy, sweaty day?

Marcus has since revealed that the marriage was not legal. The official marriage papers were never signed or filed. Sadly, the couple is now officially split. Marcus and Lacy seemed very much in love and we don't know exactly why the couple split. We do know they were long distance as Marcus was away for Coast Guard training. Based on what Marcus has said, it seems like Lacy broke it off.

The marriage rate for Bachelor in Paradise is now at 20%. Out of 5 final couples (Seasons 1 & 2) only one couple (Jade and Tanner) has married.

The casting for Season 3 is, ahem, creative. We will have to wait and see what develops. A lot will depend on who Jojo casts off from her season. Scarily enough, Chad has a ticket to Paradise. Yikes!

To keep you busy this summer, here's my personal list of the best bachelor recap and podcast sites!

Wednesday, 8 June 2016

The Best Bachelorette Blogs and Recaps: Jojo!

Looking for the best Bachelorette blogs to keep the drama going? I've searched them all and here are my top picks. If you want more than a plot recap, these are for you. 

Most of my picks are smart, funny and positive toward women, but I also included the more traditional ABC recaps - how the franchise tries to spin the drama can also be of interest. Feel free to tweet with other suggestions. 

I'm sorry I can't recap myself this season, but I'll make sure to list the best blogs and recaps on this page!


Here to Make Friends - The ultimate Bachelor franchise podcast. Hosted by Emma Gray and Claire Fallon from the Huffington post, great guests from seasons past are often in attendance. The podcast is climbing the charts on iTunes. Podcasts come out on Tuesday afternoons. You. Will. Love. It.  


Flare - Sharleen Joynt, fashion maven and former contestant, gives brief and thought-provoking commentaries. Her inside info is priceless. Posts usually on Tuesday midday.

All the Pretty Pandas - If you can't get enough of Sharleen, she writes longer blog posts, including fashion commentary, on All the Pretty Pandas, her personal site. Posts are inconsistent and may come weeks or months later, but they're worth it.

Courtney Robertson's blog - You remember her as the "villain" and winner of winery-owner Ben F.'s season. She also wrote the highly entertaining book, I Didn't Come Here to Make Friends. Courtney is great with insider information. 

Jojo's recaps for - Click here for Jojo's own blog. This links to all recaps and articles. Posts on Tuesdays. 

I Hate Green Beans - Classic play-by-play recapping with memorable lines. Posts on Tuesdays. Reliable and popular. 

Woman Tells All - An intelligent take on the episodes that will make you think. Posts on Tuesdays. 

Stuff I Probably Shouldn't Say Out Loud - Jen F. is your virtual raunchy friend making very inappropriate comments. I agree with the title, Jen F. really should not say these things out loud! Posts in bullet form and posting time can be on Tuesdays or later. 

Chris Harrison's Yahoo blog - Pure Bachelor propaganda. Posts on Tuesdays.