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The Bachelorette Canada Recap: Season 1, Episode 3, AKA Nice Guys and the Ultimate Jerk Centre

Week three of The Bachelorette Canada, and already I feel I know the men and lead better than I did for Jojo's season. Having a smaller group so soon really helps separate the wheat from the chaff (or The Chad, if we're talking Jojo's season).

Pool central

Seems like the only part of the Jamaican resort that they're allowed to film is this one pool where only the suitors can hang. This is where Kyle reads the first date card with a flourish, a pretty solid audition for the hosting job! Hey do they also have to sleep on those lounge chairs?

Date # 1: Who's got all the right moves

The Lucky Dudes: Mike (first impression rose), Drew (cocky bugger), Thomas (international model), Benoit (Quebecois), JP (butler in buff) and Scott (quiet guy). 

The date: Dudes dress in pimp/hip-hop gear and do signature moves in a public square to impress Jasmine. Drew says he's walking the line between "confident and cocky." However, it is clear that he's crossed that line and now resides in the Territory of the Arrogant. His strategy is to tell Jasmine he wants whatever she says she wants. He gets the date rose for admitting he broke off an engagement. After the date, back at Pool Central, Drew decides to get "lit" and sprays the other guys with champagne to celebrate. His parents must be so proud.

Date #2: Let's ride the highs and lows together

The Lucky Dude: Kevin W. (Captain Canada)

Pretty awesome date! Starts off with chicken at the Ultimate Jerk Centre which is also the official the nickname for the Bachelor mansion in LA. True story. Then they do cave exploration and dinner in said cave. Kevin W. opens up about a tragic story, whereby his brother was stabbed after being drafted to the Mets and could no longer play baseball after recovering. Really, this is an awfully sad story. Kevin W. scores points by showing humility (great quality, ahem, Drew) and saying he didn't feel he was good enough to be the only son, if his brother would have died. Being vulnerable is a better way to make a connection than Drew's "I like that too!" strategy. Go go Captain Canada!

Date #3: The school of love is in session

The Lucky Dudes: Mikhel (he has a nipple ring), Kyle (tall cat lover), Andrew (just a regular dude?), Kevin P (works on boats) and David (Dateless Dave, AKA musician who said "top that!" the first night and was never forgiven).

The guys have to create works of art with cute Jamaican kids. Most of the guys are pretty great with the kids. But these are pretty awesome kids so they really don't have to work that hard. Kevin P. gets chosen for extra one-on-one time and tells an odd story about his young niece asking if he's "scared to love." I have a real hard time believing a 4-year old said this unprompted. He also describes having lots of mini adventures in every port. I'm not so sure about this sailor who gets the date rose. 

Rose ceremony

Chris the inventor feels like he's "hanging by a thread" after not getting a date. He tells Jasmine that he started a non-profit for kids which consists of having them hang out and play video games that he created. This story is a bit weird, but ooookaaaaay. Jasmine's body language says, "nope." Kyle calls out Kevin W. on trying to get Jasmine time when he already has a rose. 

Roses go to:

Regular guy Andrew
Mike who made a first impression
Kyle of cats and height
Mikhel who has a nipple ring
Chris who invented a kid club
Thomas the model, did he mention he's international?
David who was dateless until now
Benoit, monsieur Québec

Already with roses are Drew (Tuesday special at the Ultimate Jerk Centre), Kevin W./Captain Canada, and Kevin P. who fears love in every port. 

Going home:

JP the buffy butler, call 1-800-But-Buff for all your party needs!
Scott, too timid for television

Both were totally sweet when they exited. True Canadian gentlemen! I like most of these dudes, they're not the flashiest but there are many good guys here. 

See you next week, Bachelorettinis! 

Sunday, 25 September 2016

The Bachelorette Canada Recap: Season 1, Episode 2, AKA When Trudeau Hair Isn't Enough

The Bachelorette Canada is turning out to be a kinder, nicer version of the American franchise. What's better as compared to Jojo's season:
  • Jasmine manages to balance a plethora of lovely qualities: authentic, kind, genuine, secure, assertive, and free-spirited. Whatever producer chose Jasmine deserves a raise.
  • There's less manufactured drama, so it's easier to focus on personalities. 
  • Jasmine's often barefoot or in flats, the mood is more relaxed.
  • When Jasmine doesn't like something, she speaks up and the guy gets booted. Words = action!
  • Except for Drew, the guys get along and are self-deprecating, an attitude rarely seen on the American franchise (with Wells and Daniel as notable exceptions). 
  • The aftershow is muuuuuch less obnoxious.
What I like less than the American version
  • Constant product placement for Two Oceans white wine. For $11, this wine can be ALL YOURS.
  • The music.

Spoiler, Jasmine chooses to marry this bottle

This season's the proof that you don't need hysterics and bad behaviour to be interesting. (U.S. politics, take note). Sunny ways! Now for your recap:

Date #1: Thomas and Jasmine's Wild Ride

International model Thomas, his tongue and his hair are all chosen to ride around with Jasmine on a dune buggy. Thomas dresses in primary colours and nothing matches. At least the tank top covers his nipples - at the resort, his tank hung so low it was maybe a belt. 

We learn that Thomas became a model after falling off a roof while working in construction. Let's hope he's steadier on a runway. Okay, that was mean, poor Thomas couldn't walk for 6 months, yikes! Jasmine and Thomas the Tank Model have major chemistry, choo-choo!. Group date rose is a given.

Just wait until he shows you his Blue Steel

Date #2: One Love, One Heart, One Terrible Reggae Performance

Two Jamaican reggae celebs (Tanto Metro and Devonte) coach the suitors as they compose reggae lyrics for Jasmine. There will be a sing-off. In the first group we have Mike, Benoit, Scott and Drew. Drew is buggin' because he's a terrible singer and can't handle losing. In this group, only Benoit charms by singing in French. Jasmine is nice about it, and so are the guys, but the singing is atrocious. Drew deserves to lose for being rude to the reggae dudes when they tried to help his tone deaf a$$. 

Not all the men were Musically Inclined (see it's the name of their album!)

In the second group we have Seth, Kyle, Chris, and Kevin P. Turns out, Chris can sing! The group is funnier and have bette vocal chops; they win more time with Jasmine. Seth intrigues Jasmine by being reserved and sporting Trudeau hair. Then they kiss and....nope it's over due to excessive tongue darting. Kevin P., the vomiting deckhand from last week feels great until he interrupts Jasmine and Seth - they are sitting there so awkwardly that he wishes "his skin had a zipper" (hahaahahaha!) Kevin P. confirms that Jasmine is looking for "THE one" and for this brilliant line of questioning he earns le Group Date Rose. 

Date # 3: Let's Get Physical With Each Other and Not with Jasmine

Andrew, Mikhel, JP, Wale and Kevin W. wrestle each other for Jasmine's heart, Jamaican style. Meaning, two guys stand in a sand circle and first one pushed out loses. Despite being called No-pack Shakur by Wale last week, JP wins. 

JP won this for real

Wale remains good at nicknames and calls Kevin W., Captain Canada. Captain Canada is indeed so solid and earnest, Jasmine feels comfortable enough to share her father's struggles with addictions. For putting Jasmine at ease, he gets the group date rose. 

There's also a game of spin the bottle/Truth or Dare. These are really supposed to be two different games but there's a merge to accommodate the Two Oceans wine product placement. In the aftershow, we learn that Wale had JP strip for the group. Wale likes to sell other dudes to Jasmine, not the best strategy mister.

Cocktail Party and Rose Ceremony
Jasmine thinks Mikhel looks like Superman/Clark Kent. David, who was punished for last week's gaffe (he "ruined the moment" after his serenade) stays humble and redeems himself. Seth proves he's no Trudeau by admitting he's never been in love and that he was thinking of other things when he was kissing Jasmine. Somehow he was better when his thoughts stayed all quiet up in his head. Jasmine realizes she's been projecting her hopes onto Seth's blank slate. 

Insert face and personality here


Thomas the Tank Model - Jasmine's digging him. Date rose. TOP PICK!

Kevin P. - Cute deckhand, happily no longer vomiting. Group date rose. 

Kevin W. - Captain Canada. Group date rose. 

Mikhel - Jasmine is very into this cute aviation engineer. TOP PICK!

Benoit - French accent doesn't hurt.

Kyle - Correction from last week, this tall dude's cutie cat is a seal tip rag doll, not a himalayan as I thought. Oops!

Andrew - Sorry, no notes.

David - Served his punishment, super cute, and back in the game. TOP PICK!

Drew - Only has blonde and blue-eyed exes - exes who are all screaming at the screen, "run Jasmine run!" 

JP - Wrestled in high school, buff butler-ing in adulthood.

Scott - His name is Scott. 

Mike - First Impression rose but made no impression this week. Boo :(

Chris - Inventor who can sing and dance and set roses on fire, his talents know no bounds. Next week he does a magic trick and makes Drew disappear (wishful thinking).


Wale - I don't think there was chemistry, but it's still lousy that the only black dude goes home on the second episode, as is common in the American franchise. 

Seth - Trudeau hair will only get you so far. 

See you next week!

Rag doll sitting pretty

Thursday, 15 September 2016

The Bachelorette Canada - Season 1, Episode 1 Recap

First episode of The Bachelorette Canada ever! You can watch the show on the W Network's website (from Canada at least). Here's your recap.

Hello Vancouver
Instead of L.A. we're in Vancouver, and everything is oh so Canadian. Skating, pine trees, seeing your breath in the air, stereotypical Canadian accent, this is Canada alright. 

Our Bachelorette
Jasmine, 27, is a complete unknown from Kenora, Ontario which is also pretty much unknown. Our bachelorette is a nice and pretty hairdresser with long blond hair who wants "a small town guy at heart." Jasmine describes herself as a free spirit who wants to get married and travel 50% of the time...with her kids in tow. Any parents out there laughing themselves to pieces? I guess to believe in the "process" of The Bachelor franchise you have to be unrealistic.

The outlook isn't great: The Bachelor has 5% marriage rate, The Bachelorette has a 27% marriage rate, and The Bachelor Canada has a 0% rate. Yes Tim and April broke up a very long time ago. I made a full list of who's still together and who's not to prove it to you (click here for the full list).  

Cute as a button and unrealistic as hell

Night one, woohoo! 
Only 20 Bachelors here, which is about 5 to 8 fewer than the American show. Jasmine tells alumnus Jillian Harris that she's sure her husband will be in this group. There are certainly quite a few decent guys here. Not as flashy and less muscular than them Americans, but that's fine, eh? Hey, where's Damn Daniel?!?

More differences as compared to the American franchise
The camera work is shakier, the music is annoying, the host seems more nervous, everyone seems nicer and more mellow, there's much less drama, and after this season we will never hear from any of these people ever again

Fun with ages
The guys are aged 25 to 36. Hope you like older dudes, Jazzy!

  • A musician named David serenades Jasmine and when he's done he ruins the moment by saying, "Top that!" and Jasmine hates this and tells him.
  •  A cowboy named Tony gets drunk on whiskey and tries to interrupt Butler in the Buff's alone time with Jasmine. 
  • Drew, a "born salesman" decides to be the worst ever.
  • Kyle is 6'7'' and named his cats Miss MoneyPenny and Lord ThunderCuddles. At least we know why he's single. Just kidding, I kind of liked this weird dude.
  • Kevin P. vomits due to food poisoning but still comes off as a catch.
  • Jasmine reveals that her "explore" tattoo came free with two tacos in Bali. 
Like the guy, love the cats

First Impression Rose
The first impression rose goes to Mike, a sweet firefighter/paramedic from a small town (Jasmine likes!) who has a similar backstory as our bachelorette. Sadly, Jasmine's father passed away when she was 12. Mike's mom passed away when he was 8 years old. Both Jasmine and Mike say that they have had trouble finding love because they're scared to be abandoned because of the premature loss of a parent. This sweet conversation surely inspired a river of Canadian tears. There wasn't crazy chemistry here, but Mike seems like a genuinely kind and level-headed dude.

Twenty guys who want a rose, who stays and who goes?


Mike - Firefighter who got the first impression rose. Says he does charity work to make himself feel good but it also helps other people. Awwwwww. TOP PICK!

Kevin W. - Engineer who's number one question for Jasmine = "Why are you single?" Your conversation skills astound, Kevin W.

Drew - Salesman who is also giving a slimy sales pitch. Says gross things like, he's used to having his "pick of the litter" (barf!!!). Jasmine thinks his confidence is sexy but we know she'll eventually see the Truth. Drew's not as bad as Chad from Jojo's season, but he's less fun than a moose antler in your butt cheek. SEASON VILLAIN!

Thomas - Model who calls himself an International male model so he can brag that he went to Greece one time. His hair is flippy. He thinks he's single because he's a "deeper individual." Jasmine names him "Sexual Tongue." Not loving Thomas, but really hating his nickname.

Mikhel - Normal-seeming aviation engineer who gets the Most Canadian Compliment Award: "She's something, eh?"

Kyle - Tall Guy with two Himalayan Seal Point Cats who are his Children. TOP PICK (just because I like his cats)!

Seth - Bartender who takes bad Polaroid selfies and refuses to give up the photo.

Scott - Carpenter who made Jasmine a box.

Andrew - Consultant who got only one word in my notes (the word was: "Consultant").

Chris - Inventor who set a white rose on fire. He'd better invent himself some game.

Benoit - Host at Suite 701 in Montreal. Hey, I've been to that place!

Wale - Pronounces his name "Wah-lay." Occupational therapist who called Butler JP "No-Pack Shakur." Big personality.

Kevin P. - Deckhand who vomited. I googled "deckhand," it means you work on boats. TOP PICK!

JP - Butler in the Buff who came in wearing an apron...and nothing else. His outfit was like a mullet: business in the front, party in the back.

David - The musician who screwed up everything by being cocky after serenading Jasmine with a string trio. Dude shoulda seen how Wells serenaded Jojo by having All-4-One (a REAL band) sing "I Swear." Top THAT, David!


Ross - Spoiler, he ends up with Rachel. Just kidding, he was the welder with the thick beard and intense poem.

Dana - Did a backflip off a limo...right into obscurity.

Taylor - Gave Jasmine a pen and wrote his own exit.

Eddie - Clumsily set up a telescope and was sent back into the universe.

Tony - Gave a cowboy hat, received the boot.

I think I like Jasmine. She won me over when she told the guys to "Be weird, be whatever, be yourselves." Now that's a motto to live by.

Stay tuned, they're going to Jamaica! 

He wasted syrup but we miss him anyway

Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Bachelor in Paradise Season 3, Episode 1: Chris Harrison Called it a Train Wreck

Welcome to Bachelor in Paradise (BiP) Season 3! It's sure to be the most Dramatic BiP Ever.

The comic tone of BiP is awesome, with its 80s themed opening credits and bartender sidekick Jorge. The Bachelor franchise shines when they show they're in on the joke. At the same time, the humour is always a bit grotesque. Under the comedy there are ugly undertones of producer manipulation and mean-spirited edits. We can see this when the edits highlight Lace's drinking with the quirky music in the background (Look how Lace drinks too much red wine at home!) and Chad's violence (Look how Chad hits things!). Subtle, BiP is not. Sigh.

As always, we look forward to the group and couple dynamics. The setting though, is less than chic with its bunk beds and casual hang-out areas. It appears that a piñata vomited on the set. Even the trees are wrapped in local tapestries. The rattan fridge looks very hard to clean.


Amanda - Mama from Ben's season with 2 kiddies. She has a Disney Princess voice and she's like an adorable lemon marshmallow. No way she's leaving Paradise alone.

I'm looking for love, heehee!

Jared - A 3-timer from Kaitlyn's season. Jared's facial expression = resigned exasperation. He may as well be waiting for a root canal. He does not want a repeat of last season's relentless teary pursuit by Eyelashley (preview: she'll be back). I wonder how much they paid Jared to do this again.

Jubilee - This lovely war veteran spoke about regretting her attitude on Ben Higgins's season. Disappointing because I like that Jubilee was real. I'm sad she's been brainwashed into thinking it's normal to fake-smile. Jubilee needs some cooler friends.

Nick - "Runner-up" for Andi and Kaitlyn, back for a third time at age 35, a full decade older than many of these women. Old women are not allowed on the show though because that would be pathetic, grrrr. Nick's a bad liar. When "explaining" that he's back for love, he's grinning like he just stole a cookie from the cookie jar. No way this good looking, clever dude has trouble dating. Other more likely motives: fame, the BiP salary, money from endorsements. He's not alone, that's why most people are here, right?

The ladies liiiike (photo from liveloudlovehard.com, Nick's website)

Evan - Jubilee says that this guy from Jojo's season, who treats erectile dysfunction, is better looking in person. The way he's talking about Amanda is a little creepy.

The Twins - Always lovely when women are objectified and stripped of their individuality. Good on ya, BiP. Emily and Haley are the female Daniels but nicer. The rules are that both twins are if at least one of them gets a rose. They're not going anywhere soon.

Did anyone mention that they are twins?

Vinny - This barber from Jojo's season didn't stand out until Men Tell All when his mom loudly extolled his virtues. Vinnn-eeee!

Carly - No, no please not another "3 time's a charm" person. Carly is from Farmer Chris's season and she's a good narrator. I bet she's going home soon, and that's fine for her and for us.

Daniel - Canada apologizes on behalf of this dude who shamelessly wastes maple syrup and wears a Canadian flag speedo. Daniel says whatever wackadoodle thing pops up into his noggin. To introduce himself, he compares himself to an STI but says that it's good the STI is treatable. Is there really a cure for you, Daniel? The worst thing, as said by Evan: "Where there's a Daniel, a Chad isn't far behind." No maybe the worst thing is that Daniel calls Jubilee and Amanda "bruised fruit" and "street dogs." A charmer, eh? The best thing is that Daniel's narration is very, very not-on-purpose funny.

Izzy - No one remembers her from Ben's season because she was cut on the first night.

Grant - Big fireman Grant is all jaw and muscles.

Lace - On Ben's season, Lace drank too much and kept calling herself "crazy." She's now "made so much progress!" You judge for yourself. Lace is way more fun when played by Cecily Strong on Saturday Night Live.

The real Lace, please step forward

Sarah - Yet another 3 timer, this time from Sean's season. Sarah was born without her left arm below the elbow, and I appreciate that she adds diversity to the show. She seems sweet, why is she back on this gong show? Nice boys don't come to Paradise, Sarah.

The Chad - Nooooo. Chad, from Jojo's season, is just the worst. Look at his Twitter, it reads like Donald Trump on steroids. I have no idea if Chad takes steroids but his tweets do. Chad likes "hot chicks" and thinks he's the best ever. He's violent and says anti-lady comments all day long. ABC should have thought twice about giving him a platform, but he makes great TV and this is why Donald Trump is the Republican candidate. Wait, they're not the same person, right? Cousins, perhaps.

Bartender Jorge - Beloved because he makes the drinks.

Chris Harrison - Host and makeshift bouncer.

Ugly Cordlike Necklaces - They hide the microphones. Truly hideous.

The plain mic wire would be more attractive


1. Chad: Chad is chadding and everyone is like, Chad, ugh, you're the worst, and he just chads more. The end. I'm way over this hateful dude. But it's hard to look away and even husbands who hate this show find Chad entertaining.

Chad has a 2-hour relationship with Lace. They're both intoxicated. Chad and Lace tease, then play-fight, then make-out, then real-fight, then Chad's right into the abusive language and threats. People are once again scared for their lives. Chad calls Sarah "Army McArmenson" and all the women are "bitches." What a jerk. Chris Harrison arranges a group chat and kicks Chad off the show. Yay!

What's annoying is that ABC casts this toxic dingaling knowing he's violent and acts like it's funny (e.g., the Jurassic park-like intro). Then Chad is violent and it's not funny because he's terrifying and they're like, "Awww, why're you violent Chad-bear? You can't be on the show like this, silly-head." Chad's exit is drawn out until next week so they can milk this dude for all they can. Chad likes milk but that's irrelevant because he likes scotch more. Chad does NOT like mimosas and thinks that Chris Harrison's a loser for drinking mimosas in a robe in his hotel room, which is a fabrication because Chris hates mimosas. As they argue next to the crew's trailers, Chris and Chad are possibly previewing the presidential debates where one candidate has a tantrum while the other is like, "Are you done yet, I have work to do, you knucklehead." Yup, that's my prediction people.

Drink these to help with election season

2. Chad and Daniel: Oh the conversations between these two cacaheads. Daniel has a high tolerance for toxicity. It's like he ate some of the Chad poison and now he's immune. But he knows it's poison and he's punched friends before and he WILL do it again if he has to. Daniel still thinks Chad is kinda like Mussolini, but maybe more like Hannibal Lector. Chad is sad that he and Daniel are not getting "murderous, but like together." Why are you so "un-murdery", Daniel? Chad has a better chance of kissing a turtle than a woman. Daniel knows if you're on the moon you might as well look for cheese, but Chad isn't looking for the cheese. And these are all real conversations.

3. Jubilee likes Jared: Jubilee takes Jared on a date. They are trapped in sea of piñatas because don't forget it's Mexico. A truly terrifying clown comes out and makes obscene gestures. What the whhhat? Jubilee is standing on her chair, but Jared looks like he might nod off at any moment. Jubilee and Jared have zero chemistry, but it's hard to have chemistry with a mannequin from Rhode Island so it's not Jubilee's fault. Previews show Caila and Eyelashley fighting over Jared while he takes a nap.

Don't clown around with them there piñatas

4. Vinny and Izzy: Already a married couple. Vinny is planning haircuts for their future children.

5. Nick and his blonde Posse: Nick only hangs out with the blondes. He's their mascot. Woopwoop!


Thanks ABC for the disgusting preview of an IV going into a bloody vein. Nick and Josh Murray fight over a woman, again. Jorge is crying. What did they do to Jorge?!?

This is a really bad show and I hate the manipulation and the reasons people go on the show and the whole fake mess. And, yes I'll definitely be watching on Mondays and Tuesdays. Come back next week for another recap!

"I hear it'll be dramatic!"

Saturday, 18 June 2016

Marcus and Lacy Have Broken Up

Remember Marcus and Lacy? The couple met on the first season of Bachelor in Paradise 2014. A year later, they had a marriage ceremony on the second season.

Remember that happy, sweaty day?

Marcus has since revealed that the marriage was not legal. The official marriage papers were never signed or filed. Sadly, the couple is now officially split. Marcus and Lacy seemed very much in love and we don't know exactly why the couple split. We do know they were long distance as Marcus was away for Coast Guard training. Based on what Marcus has said, it seems like Lacy broke it off.

The marriage rate for Bachelor in Paradise is now at 20%. Out of 5 final couples (Seasons 1 & 2) only one couple (Jade and Tanner) has married.

The casting for Season 3 is, ahem, creative. We will have to wait and see what develops. A lot will depend on who Jojo casts off from her season. Scarily enough, Chad has a ticket to Paradise. Yikes!

To keep you busy this summer, here's my personal list of the best bachelor recap and podcast sites!

Wednesday, 8 June 2016

The Best Bachelorette Blogs and Recaps: Jojo!

Looking for the best Bachelorette blogs to keep the drama going? I've searched them all and here are my top picks. If you want more than a plot recap, these are for you. 

Most of my picks are smart, funny and positive toward women, but I also included the more traditional ABC recaps - how the franchise tries to spin the drama can also be of interest. Feel free to tweet with other suggestions. 

I'm sorry I can't recap myself this season, but I'll make sure to list the best blogs and recaps on this page!


Here to Make Friends - The ultimate Bachelor franchise podcast. Hosted by Emma Gray and Claire Fallon from the Huffington post, great guests from seasons past are often in attendance. The podcast is climbing the charts on iTunes. Podcasts come out on Tuesday afternoons. You. Will. Love. It.  


Flare - Sharleen Joynt, fashion maven and former contestant, gives brief and thought-provoking commentaries. Her inside info is priceless. Posts usually on Tuesday midday.

All the Pretty Pandas - If you can't get enough of Sharleen, she writes longer blog posts, including fashion commentary, on All the Pretty Pandas, her personal site. Posts are inconsistent and may come weeks or months later, but they're worth it.

Courtney Robertson's blog - You remember her as the "villain" and winner of winery-owner Ben F.'s season. She also wrote the highly entertaining book, I Didn't Come Here to Make Friends. Courtney is great with insider information. 

Jojo's recaps for People.com - Click here for Jojo's own blog. This links to all recaps and articles. Posts on Tuesdays. 

I Hate Green Beans - Classic play-by-play recapping with memorable lines. Posts on Tuesdays. Reliable and popular. 

Woman Tells All - An intelligent take on the episodes that will make you think. Posts on Tuesdays. 

Stuff I Probably Shouldn't Say Out Loud - Jen F. is your virtual raunchy friend making very inappropriate comments. I agree with the title, Jen F. really should not say these things out loud! Posts in bullet form and posting time can be on Tuesdays or later. 

Chris Harrison's Yahoo blog - Pure Bachelor propaganda. Posts on Tuesdays.


Friday, 8 January 2016

The Bachelor with Ben - The Best Bachelor Blogs

Hello readers, I'm sorry to announce that I won't be able to recap this season of the Bachelor. If you are looking for other recaps (No Spoilers!), may I recommend (click on the names for the links):

TOP PODCAST PICK: Here to Make Friends - A smart and hilarious podcast put out by Huffington Post. There are guests, including Bachelor folk - Sean and Catherine from Bachelor Fame previewed the current season. I look forward to this podcast every week. Posts usually on Tuesday afternoons.

TOP BLOG PICK: Flare - Sharleen Joynt, the opera singer from Juan Pablo's season, gives brief and thought-provoking commentaries. Her inside info about the Bachelor is eye-opening. Posts usually on Tuesday midday.

All the Pretty Pandas - If you can't get enough of Sharleen, she also writes longer blog posts, including fashion commentary, on All the Pretty Pandas, her personal site. The posts are awesome, but she posts inconsistently and may not make it to the end of the season. When she does post, it's great stuff.

Ben's own blog for People.com - There's no consistent web address so I linked you to Ben's first blog post. Just click on "Ben Higgins" and that will take you to the rest of his blogs. See if you can guess his final pick! Posts on Tuesday mornings.

I Hate Green Beans - Classic play-by-play recapping that consistently has memorable lines. The author is in love with Chris Harrison (who I believe to be the devil) but I forgive her for being under his dark spell. Posts on Tuesdays. Reliable and thorough with many fans.

Lost Angeles - Full of snark and pop culture references. Not your traditional recap. Vinegary. You'll love it or you'll be like, "whaaaa?" Posts may take a day or two weeks (or may never arrive) but they're always worth the wait. He doesn't always make it to the end of the season.

Jen F. - Imagine a virtual raunchy friend making very inappropriate comments. She used to post play-by-plays, but it's now in bullet form. Posting time is inconsistent.

Yahoo (Chris Harrison) - Chris Harrison's official blog. Pure Bachelor propaganda. You'll have to google (or Yahoo) "Chris Harrison blog" because there's no consistent web address. Posts on Tuesdays.

Even though I'm not recapping, I'll be watching. See you next season (I hope)! In the meantime, enjoy this picture of nature:

Just as cute as Ben, right?