Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Bachelor Canada Season 2 Finale: The Preview Suggests a Proposal!

The Bachelor Canada put out this preview for Part 2 of the finale tonight. Both women are still present, in their gowns, walking to the proposal mount (through a jungle of leaves).

I think Tim likes April more because:

1) She got the fantasy yacht date, while Trish got the horse picnic
2) Body language throughout the season
3) Tim was begging April to stay after the awkward meet the parents date. Why do that just to reject a person?

Tim seems to want to propose, and the preview quotes him saying, "Will you marry me."

Prediction: April & Tim with a proposal. Whether or not she accepts the proposal, I'm not sure. Maybe she would say no to a ring, but yes to dating. Your bachcap will be ready either tonight or tomorrow morning.

Enjoy tonight's episode, 8 PM on City.

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