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The Bachelor Canada - Season 2, Week 7: Hometowns, Eh?

Hometowns are the best. Meeting the families always offers a new perspective. Unless you're dumped before that can even happen. More on that later. Let's bachcap!

The Most Canadian Date Ever

The first hometown goes to Trisha in Edmonton, Alberta. Tim and Trisha don their hometown hockey jerseys. It's the Oilers vs. the Leafs as they head to the hockey rink for the most stereotypically Canadian date of all time. Luckily, Tim is great at skating and he shows this off to Trisha's delight.

"Let me hold your mitt, m'lady"

Outside the rink, Trisha wants to say she loves Tim, but she's hesitating so they must kiss the awkwardness away. And it's off to meet her family! Trisha introduces Tim to her grandparents, parents, brother, and best friend. She says she hopes that Tim likes oddballs. Kooky carnival music plays the entire time her family's on camera. One question: why is her grandfather wearing this anime samurai shirt:

Not exactly an expected grandparent outfit

They sit around a long table and a quirky time is had by all. Trisha's tiny mom notices that her daughter has "big feelings" for Tim. They all seem okay with Tim and he seems okay with them. When it's time to go, Trisha tells Tim that she's falling for him...and he answers: "I fell for you a long time ago." Whoaaaa! Rare reciprocation by a Bachelor. That never happens on this show. Tim and Trish share a humungo kiss. And scene.

Carry-Ons and Coffee Because I'm Falling Asleep

Sachelle and Tim meet up in Toronto to take a plane to Sudbury. This season is breaking all sorts of rules. I don't think I've ever seen co-travelling to a hometown. It gets weirder: the plane is grounded due to fog, so Tim and Sachelle end up having to walk around Toronto doing nothing for most of the day. You have to wonder why someone from production couldn't at least help with their carry-on luggage. They have to trek with the luggage through a park, then they sit on a bench having coffee. Most. Boring. Date. Ever. Finally, they get back to the airport and head to Sudbury.

Sachelle introduces Tim to her parents, her sister + sister's fiancé, and her overprotective brother. Her brother has already decided to give Tim a hard time. The brother has a full, lush beard and that totally intimidates Tim's relatively sparse stubble.

"My beard will dominate your stubble"

Sachelle's dad and brother don't buy into this whole concept, and statistics support their judgement on that one. The Bachelor (US/Canada) has a 1/18 track record for marriages (approximately - I'm too lazy to look this up tonight), and that's if Sean and Catherine can make it work. Judgement aside, the brother scares the bejeezus out of Tim, calling himself the Bad Cop (to the dad's Good Cop), and warning Tim, "DON'T hurt my sis." Sachelle is the golden girl of the family and he's in full protection mode. At the end, the brother says he decided not to hit Tim, so maybe that's a good sign? The bad sign comes when Sachelle says, "I love you" and Tim replies, "I hope so." He was talking really low, but I think that's what he said. Ouch. To the camera, Tim says he could imagine Sachelle as a mom and we know that means he's imagining her wearing a housecoat and hair rollers.

Yaya or No no?

April's hometown is in Wasaga Beach, Ontario. Never heard of it, but it seems like a nice place. She's been holding back with Tim because she had a rough family life. I'm impressed that she waits until hometowns to tell him. That pacing is more normal than letting it all hang out on the first date. April was raised by her Yaya and Opa (grandparents) so they go to the restaurant that Yaya and Opa used to own. In attendance: Yaya, Opa, a talkative aunt, and two girlfriends who are given zero airtime.

This family is really into evaluating Tim's "physique." His aunt says she falls for character, instead. Fair enough, Aunty. Then 89-year old Yaya (subtitled because that's what you get if you have an accent on this show) says: "You are very muscular, you like to do gym - I can see through you." Yikes. Everyone is so uncomfortable and Tim is sweating bullets. But a minute later she's saying: "You are very wonderful young man with lots of qualities inside you." Yay (huh)!

What happened to turn Yaya from No-No to Ya-Ya? All of a sudden she can see the "quality things" in his heart. Yaya has x-ray vision like Superman. Predictably, she ends by professing her love to Tim in German.

Compliment or x-ray vision?

April ends the date by telling Tim that she's falling for him. To the camera, Tim reveals he's falling "so hard" for her too. This couple is going strong.

The Italian Chickens Come Home to Roost

Tim travels to Calgary to meet Lisa. He greets her with a hug, no kiss. She decided to wear green nail polish for the date, making me even more sure that she'll be dressing up like Poison Ivy from Batman for Halloween. Tim gives Lisa one last chance to come clean re: the Italian bartender make-out session in Tuscany. He's heard conflicting reports from the other women and he asks for the Whole Story. Lisa says that she already told him "100%". Because Tim was not born yesterday, he says he can't meet her family in good faith and summarilly dumps her.

The classic "you've caught me" face

Lisa's this season's villain, so there are likely many cheering viewers at home (although she does have some fans). Lisa's interpretation is that Tim listened too much to the other women who saw her as a threat. Not hearing much remorse or responsibility here. As Tim leaves, Lisa says, "I knew it...I'm done." She just sort of smiles. Tim walks away and doesn't look back, and we won't either! The moral of the story: If you meet a hot bartender in Italy, stay in Italy. Ciao, Lisa.

Two to Tahiti

Tim decides that he has two strong connections so there are only two roses this week. The women are scared but pleased that Lisa's still in Calgary sending international text messages to the Italian bartender.

Two out of three of these dresses mean BUSINESS

Trisha is in full pageant gear with serious platform silver stilettos. April goes for a plunging neckline. Sachelle's cute but demure dress is the only one I'd ever wear, but it screams third place. Tim calls April first and Trisha second. Alas, Sachelle the seashell is thrown back to the sea.

The women tell Sachelle they love her. So much love this week! Then Tim and Sachelle share a teary goodbye. She goes into a limo and says she's sad to lose a future with Tim and have to start back at "square one." But it's not square one because she was pretty solid on the show and this is probably great dating PR. She's a good catch and, if her brother lets it happen, I'm sure she'll find love within the next year.

Coming Up Next

Tahiti!! What? The locations are pretty good this season considering it's a Canadian show. Next week is Women Tell All (Tyler the host is alive and still on the show?!?). I can't wait to hear them dish about Lisa's bartender encounter because that's how exciting my life is. I'm even more excited to see Tahiti! But we'll have to wait for that one.

Happy Halloween and see you next week!

Yaya would totally approve of this costume of qualities

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