Sunday, 5 July 2015

Who's on Bachelor in Paradise?

My recap of Week 8 will be late this week, so in the meantime, let's talk about the Bachelor in Paradise cast! The premiere date is Sunday August 2 and there will be another episode on Monday August 3.


Ashley S. - The one who spoke to the onion on Chris's season
Carley W. - Cruise ship singer from Chris's season who went on that awkward Love Guru date
Clare C. - Juan Pablo runner-up who had her own raccoon on Bachelor in Paradise 1
Jillian A. - The muscly one with the black box from Chris's season
Jade R. - The wild mustang from Chris's season
Ashley I. - AKA Eyelashley from Chris's season who was left alone in a desert with her enemy
Tenley M. - Runner-up on Jake's season 
Juelia K. - Widow/mom who wore headbands on Chris's season


Dan C. - He split his pants on a rodeo date on Desiree's season - I don't remember him either
Kirk D. - Final four from Ali's season, a blast from the past
Mikey T. - Really beefy guy from Desiree's season
JJ - Dad who had the bromance with Clint on Kaitlyn's season
Jonathan H. - Dad who had a loud exit, while wearing suspenders, from Kailtyn's season
Tanner T. - A guy from Kaitlyn's season who was an okay narrator, but had zero time with Kaitlyn

At least one more mystery man from Kaitlyn's season will be on, and another women will be added. I'm liking the female cast better than the male cast. There are more women than men, suggesting that a woman goes home on the first night.

A fresher format would be good. Last year's revolving door and last minute additions became tiresome. And the forced commitments at the end were ridiculous. Not more ridiculous than normal, though. 

Catch my Bachelorette recap later this week! 

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  1. I just read a article that Lacy and Marcus got married, and their wedding will be featured in this season's BIP. Crazy Kids.