Saturday, 5 July 2014

Bachcap from Marseille: Andi Week 5

Bienvenue à Marseille

How embarrassing, all of them skipping around with the Bone-jur! Merr-cee bow-coup! Not helping diplomatic relations with the French.

Chris's fake laugh scares me. Still think he's the devil. 

Josh date

Andi's clearly smitten with Josh but she's scared he's also a cheater. Only problem: cheaters don't really announce themselves as such. His stories seem a bit vague and fishy to me. But I bet he's final four unless something dramatic happens.

What does Josh do for a living, in the present? Hi, I'd like to introduce myself, I'm Rachel aged 39, former bakery clerk.

For the love of the lord, no more private concerts by Unknown Singer X please! This dude is not popular enough for a Wikipedia page. I checked.

Group date

The miming. Sigh. Stripping, singing, and now miming. Summary: they scared many children. 

Nick is a sourpuss and I'm not liking him. His cheeze-zee letter does not help. 

Andi is good at getting info from the guys and cutting to the chase, but then she has second thoughts and loses all her good judgement. Why Andi, why?

How they do dates in France.

Brian date

What was up with Brian in the kitchen? He was circling around like a lost puppy. Has he never seen vegetables before? Marry this man if you want to make breakfast, lunch and dinner Every Single Night Forever. 

As an aside, why did Andi put that boiling pot on the table outside? That must have left a nasty mark. Guess that security deposit was lost.

Rose ceremony

Andi shopping for a rose ceremony: "Do you have something similar, but a million more sparkles please? Actually, do you sell the Bedazzler?"

I'm glad she got rid of 3 people, there are too many dudes here to keep track of. But let's be honest, she's not marrying Cody Muscles, JJ Pants, or Dylan Train to Nowhere.

So, who was Patrick? Well, "multiple people, not just girls" think he has many husbandly qualities. Great. Now go put that on, Patrick.

I thought Marquel was pretty awesome this week. I like his style (tie and shirt combos) and his way of managing conflict. But they had zero chemistry. Marquel's goodbye was sweet. He won't be single for long after this. I would love to see them choose this cookie monster as the bachelor. 

Coming up next!

Venice next, so they can have pigeons poo on them in that big square, and then fall into the dirty canal. Hope they packed Purell.

Is there really going to be a lie detector test? A new low for this series, can't wait for next week! Bisous!


  1. Love your blogs! This is the way they should be done!

    I read them backwards by the way