Saturday, 5 July 2014

Italian Bachcap from Venice: Week 6 of Season of the Sweaty Foreheads

Let's Italian bachcap!

Nick date

Nick is the the Tierra (or Courtney) of the season. That smirk, ugh, for real ya'lls. 

What they did with the touching of the pigeons? Horrifying.

The gondola is real romantic, except for the pissed off gondalier with the cell phone earpiece.

Fodder for my own personal nightmares. 

Group date

And the Italian interpreter says: "We are here to make with you a lie detector test." Andi, why you want to make with them this thing now? Men just get scaring from this.

It's called a polygraph, btw. And many people consider it pseudoscience. And not admissible in many courts. But so fun for dates! 

Worst moment was when Dylan (bad train date) said he did not wash his hands post-bathroom. And lo and behold, he's the one with the stomach virus who has to leave early. Coincidence I think not. He's been through so much in his life and it just got worse. Every girl he'll ever date will now know he's Poppy is Sloppy from Seinfeld.

And back at the pad, Nick and Cody star in the most awkward sauna of all time.

And the rose goes to: Chris Secret Admirer. I'll give him this: pretty nice penmanship.

Cody date

He was the only person who didn't know he wasn't coming out of this one. 

Writing advice to people with romance problems - not romantic.

And I'd like to introduce you to the deepest V of all time.

One thing I never thought to look for in a husband: man cleavage.

Oh Cody, stop professing your love. Read the signals. She's leaning back. Her mouth turns down. She's looking sad. Is that a tear in her eye? She's actually CRYING. Please stop. Oh goodness.

Cocktail party

A sparkly gown?!? Quelle surprise.

As if Chris Devil Host didn't know that Andi tore up the lie detector results. Don't let him fool you. He sees all.

Josh Former Athlete thinks a satin shirt and shiny tie makes him seem more trustworthy. 

JJ Pants already had the beard of a dude who's been dumped. He was looking a bit rough. No socks either. That'll be chilly on the plane.

Next week

Dylan Train's Delayed is so not getting a home date. I also think Mr. Will You Cook Me Dinner Forever (Brian Basketball) won't get the home town. 

I predict the dates will go to: Josh Does He Lie, Nick Smirk, Marcus Loves You, and Chris Cursive Font. Anyone else have predictions? Do you agree?

Not sure who from this group could be the next bachelor. All foreheads seem too sweaty. Maybe Josh or Marcus?

See ya'll in the romantic city of...Brussels? I'm just surprised they knew it was in Belgium! 

Ciao & buonanotte!

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